A few short years ago, it looked like Thornloe Cheese was destined to close. Today, with several class winning products in the Royal Winter Fair Dairy Products Competition, The British Empire Cheese Competition and two nominations for the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Thornloe now sits among the elite quality cheese makers in the Country.

AsiagoAsiago Award Winer



1st Hard Cheese & Reserve Champion Varietal Cheese,
2008 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Dairy Product Competition

Thornloe Asiago cheese has been developed in the tradition of the cheese makers of north eastern Italy where the product was developed centuries ago. The cheese makers at Thornloe have blended a small amount of goat milk with cow milk to produce an authentic mezzano d’Allevo taste profile. This hard cheese is available in either waxed or unwaxed exterior, is creamy white in colour with a compact and granular body. It has a sweet, sometimes nutty piquant flavour.








1st Hard Cheese & Grand Champion Specialty Cheese,
2008 British Empire Cheese Competition

Romano cheese has a rich history dating back over 2,000 years as one of Italy’s oldest cheeses. In Italy there are three types of Romano; pecorino (sheep), caprino (goat) and vacchino (cow). The Thornloe cheese makers have blended cow and goat milk to produce a very distinctive version of Romano cheese. This cheese has a rich creamy yellow colour, a slightly granular texture, and a sharp tangy, salty flavour.










2009 Canadian Grand Prix Finalist – Firm Cheese Category

The inspiration for Thornloe St. George comes from a cheese originating in the Azores off the coast of Portugal over five centuries ago. Thornloe St. Geogre is a hard cheese with a golden yellow interior with small air pockets or “eyes”. It’s a deeply flavourful cheese that is ever so slightly sharp, yet mellow and creamy.







2009 Canadian Grand Prix Finalist – Soft Cheese with Bloomy Rind Category

A brie-style cheese with a line of vegetable ash running through its centre. This cheese presents a slim, bloomy rind wheel that carries the aroma of earth and mushroom. Created to ripen evenly all the way through, the texture is rich, smooth and melt-in-your-mouth. The creamy flavour is well balanced to the salt content, and fresh vegetal notes are evident.






Devil's Rock


This award winning cheese is one of our most popular cheeses. Sealed in a black wax casing it is creamy and slightly sharp in taste but not as strong as some traditional blue cheeses.



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